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Cabbage Steak Baked

Cabbage Steaks roasted until the edges are perfectly crispy are savory and delicious, super easy to make, and taste amazing!

Cabbage Steaks may sound like an oxymoron, but I guarantee that once you try them you’ll be hooked. Roasted cabbage steaks are a hearty addition to any meal.

Cabbage is such a healthy vegetable, and it’s good to have something easy to serve with dinner that’s also adding great nutrition. Try it tonight with some teriyaki chicken and dinner rolls, or this weekend with some hot tomato soup.

Does Cabbage Give You Gas
Cabbage can give some people gas due to the digestion of its sugar, raffinose. Most can digest it well, but if it is problematic for you the enzyme found in Beano™ will help digest those sugars before they hit your digestive tract and make you socially unacceptable.

What Can You Top Cabbage Steaks With
You can top cabbage steaks with many things, such as some crumbled bacon, some cheese (I like blue cheese), almond or other nut butters, roasted seeds, proteins like roasted chicken or pulled pork, even a drizzle of honey. Think of your steak as not just a side dish on its’ own, but as a type of grilled salad.

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