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Porch Privacy – the Easy Way!

Our front porch had no privacy, it faces the neighbours’ windows on one side and the street on another. Also, because it was so open, the patio furniture often got wet from rain and faded from the sun. I’d been mulling over the easiest way to address these issues and after eight years I finally tackled it.

porch privacy the easy way, After

My first thought was to install lattice, but because they come in 8 x 4’ sheets there was no way they would fit into my car. So I decided to go a different route, where I would be able to complete this project without help.


STEP 1: Sun Shade

I measured the opening on the neighbours’ side, it was 10 feet wide. Then I went online and searched for a sun shade to fit. I found one at Home Depot and picked it up curbside.

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