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Orange Push Pop Pudding

If there’s any food that transports me right back to summers of my youth, it would have to be an orange push pop ice cream. Bursting with tangy orange flavor, these creamy pops were the pinnacle of frozen treats. Mom always had a box of them waiting in the freezer for my sister and I to indulge in on hot days, and the flavor never fails to make me nostalgic. I’ve been on a big no-bake dessert kick lately and the idea for an Orange Push Pop Pudding came to mind. I had to give it a go! Spoiler alert: it was even more delicious that I imagined!

True to its inspiration, this pudding is super rich and creamy. The flavoring comes from orange jello, a box of instant vanilla pudding, and some fresh orange zest. You’ll need a cup of boiling water, but other than that this recipe doesn’t require turning on the stove or the oven. Makes it a perfect choice for a hot day! Let it fully set in the fridge for about two hours, then it’s ready to be served.

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