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Ragtag Candies

No-bake treats really are the unsung heroes of the recipe world. You don’t have to turn on the oven, they’re great to make with kids, and usually quick as can be! Today’s sweet and salty recipe falls right into that category. These simple Ragtags take only a few ingredients, but knock it clean out of the park when it comes to flavor. Sure to be enjoyed by all, you’ll want to give this treat a try!

While there’s plenty of room to get creative here, the core filling ingredients in this recipe are rice krispies, pretzels, and roasted peanuts. I prefer to smash the pretzel a little bit beforehand so the candy clumps will turn out perfectly bit-sized. This can be done in a ziplock bag for easy cleanup- just don’t crush them too much because you still want a good crunch!

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