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Corn, Cauliflower And Cucumber Salad

Summer salads help to keep us (and our kitchens!) cool when the weather months really start to heat up. But even in the throes of winter, we think a salad like this is just as enjoyable and refreshing. Our cauliflower and cucumber salad, speckled with bright kernels of corn, and topped with a cool, creamy dressing is a great way to serve up each of these veggies. It’s a great alternative to a potato salad and is packed with tons of crunch power! It’s super easy to make, with minimal chopping required. The dressing is simple too, and customizable to suit your individual tastes. Here’s how we do it.
We start by making the dressing so that it will have more time to really absorb all the flavors. We usually use mayonnaise with this dish, but for a little more tang, Greek yogurt is a great alternative. Fresh dill and chives really help add that fresh peppery bite that will really pull the salad together.
Next, the veggies: cauliflower is a hearty veggie and pairs well with just about everything. We up that crunch factor with bell peppers and cucumbers. We didn’t have fresh corn on hand but wanted to add another layer of flavor and color. Once again, the pantry comes to the rescue with a can of sweet corn. Of course fresh is best, but in a pinch, these canned or frozen veggies are real lifesavers!
All the veggies get tossed together in a bowl and are ready for this great dressing. It’s cool and creamy, with bright green from the dill and green onions. Everything gets tossed together and it’s ready to be served immediately; but if you can, hold off and refrigerate the salad for a bit, allowing the dressing time to really soak in. We love this salad for all it’s cool, creamy crunchiness. It’s a great way to shake up the potato salad routine with a side dish that is both colorful and crunchy. Enjoy!

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