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Old Fashioned Chocolate Covered Cherries

How Long Do Chocolate Covered Cherries Take to Set Up?
These Old Fashioned Chocolate Cherries are such a fun candy to make and give away at Christmastime. But it’s important to remember they take TWO WEEKS to set up completely. A little time intensive, but they are so worth the effort! True old fashioned chocolate cherries turn into a creamy smooth center once they’re set. So start prepping now; they are so delicious!
How Long Do Old Fashioned Chocolate Covered Cherries Last?
Another tip from us to you is this: hide these candies in a place where your family can’t find them and snitch until they are completely ready. A nook in the garage, on the high shelf in the kitchen, wherever. Just don’t forget where they are! A couple of Christmases went by where we forgot to retrieve our yummy treats. But it’s okay because these goodies will stay good and fresh until Valentine’s Day.

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