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Now This Here Is One Fancy Way Of Eating Macaroni & Cheese

My sister was someone who always wanted to be a housewife. When we were very little, we would play house and talk about our futures with our baby dolls. She used to say that she wanted to have at least 10 kids. I thought she was crazy, but it seemed to fit her personality. We grew up and I went off to the city to start my career. She stayed in our hometown and married her high school sweetheart. The instantly started working on that family. They ended up having five kids and she decided that was going to be enough for them, whew. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Five kids is still a great big job. She was lucky and got to stay home. Her husband took over his father’s business, so they were pretty well set. In her free time, my sister loved to cook and experiment in the kitchen. That was after all of her kids grew out of the stage where they needed constant attention.

The last time I went over there, she had made this macaroni and cheese brie that was like something out of a fancy restaurant. It was so succulent and tasty, I could have eaten the whole thing myself. It was just like this recipe from Just A Pinch. I figured if my sister could make it, I could make it too. I went home and gave it a whirl.

Don’t worry about this being too difficult for you to make. That was the first thing that I thought too when I saw it. I didn’t figure that there was any way a beginner cook like myself would be able to assemble such a fancy dish. I got the confidence to at least try it one day though. Much to my surprise, it went together pretty easily. I just followed the directions and took one step at a time. I mean, that’s all you can really do anyways. If worse comes to worse and you cant’ assemble the brie, you can always just eat the tasty macaroni and cheese, right?

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