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The Best Pizza Casserole Ever!

This easy pizza casserole recipe is a kid pleaser. My entire family devoured it and raved about how great it was. This pizza pasta casserole also freezes great so you can easily make two batches and toss one in the freezer for an easy freezer meal. That way with very little work, you can make one for your family today and then the second goes in the freezer making another night even easier for you. You know I love an easy freezer meal. There is nothing better than having dinner already in the freezer. Don’t you agree?

There is just something about pizza recipes. Don’t you agree? Pizza is a staple at our house from ordering out to our flatbread pizza, our crock pot pizza chicken,  or our Bubble up pizza our family has to enjoy some kind of pizza every single week. It is a kid pleaser and Mom loves how easy it is to throw together.

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