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Mom Makes 3 Round Cakes And Layers Them In Ways I Never Thought Of Before

This tiramisu cake recipe has gone and won my heart.

I am a mega lover of tiramisu desserts. From the original recipe to this amazing cake, tiramisu has won my heart again and again. I was looking for a fun and fabulous recipe to make for my son’s birthday. He was turning the big one-two. Almost a teen but not quite. Anyway, he wanted a big and tall “man cake”. Now, I don’t know if tiramisu is considered man cake but this recipe sure is tall! Needless to say, he loved it.

I am super excited about this recipe from the Bless Us O Lord food blog for tiramisu cake. You are going to love it!

Is your mouth watering in anticipation? I bet you want this heavenly recipe, don’t you? Well, my friend, simply click on the next page link below and you’ll find yourself staring right at the ingredients and instructions in no time flat. Enjoy!

This tiramisu cake is the reason desserts got started in the first place.

Take a look at what my friend Barbara from the Bless Us O Lord food blog had to say about this magnificent recipe:

I made this cake again recently for the faculty luncheon at our school, and it was just as well received. I made a special effort to write down every measurement and every step so I could share it with you. A few notes: the first time I made this cake (when I took the pictures) I baked it in two pans and sliced them in half horizontally. The second time, I baked it in three pans and had three layers instead of four. This decision is entirely up to you. The four layers certainly look pretty, but slicing the cake in half is another step — and not necessarily an easy one. In the future, I will bake in three layers, but that’s you’re call. Also, If you would rather not use alcohol in this cake, you can substutute all coffee syrup. It’s very little alcohol (no one could get tipsy on it, not even children) and I enjoy the flavor.

I used the all coffee syrup method in this cake and it turned out great!


1 cup milk
½ cup Kerrygold butter
4 eggs
pinch Morton salt
2 cups Domino sugar
2 cups Gold Medal cake flour
2 t. baking powder
1 t. McCormick vanilla

To Find Out All The Delicious Ingredients And The Step By Step Directions To Follow, Please Head On Over To The Next Page.