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mini baked ham sandwiches

Creamy soft and sweet Hawaiian rolls, salty ham, melty Swiss cheese lightly crisped at the edges, and loads of onion butter — these sandwiches were always going to be popular. But until we had wolfed down a tray of them, we did not know just how addictive they could be! (Let’s just say that a certain chef made them again the next day, and that if you add scrambled eggs and skip the pickle, they make fantastic breakfast sandwiches.)

Luckily, these little guys come together in about 10 minutes, so if you’re making them as a game day snack, you’ll have no trouble at all whipping up two or three batches. You could even get them completely prepped (through step five) the night before, stick them in the fridge, and bake them off in batches on game day. Imagine that, a never-ending supply of warm sandwiches.

Our tips: On game day, serve your sandwiches with an assortment of condiments, like sweet and spicy pickles, mustard, and hot sauce. And pair them with a bready, sweet Hoegaarden Original White Ale. Its coriander and orange-spice notes will be great with the ham and Swiss — and it’s got a short hoppy finish that’ll clear off your palate for the next bite!

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