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Material of the Week: Command Hooks

This week, we’re excited to show you some ordinary and some super extra-ordinary uses for one of the most versatile materials we’ve featured to date: Material of the Week: Command hooks.
If you’re a Command hook maven, or if you’d like to try them for the first time, check out all the uses that other Hometalkers have shared for these super strong adhesive wall hooks and organizers.
material of the week command hooks
Command hooks come in more than “just hooks”. These Command cord organizers can help you hide unsightly computer, TV or phone cables.
Image courtesy of Shawna Bailey
You can even use them on the back of your kitchen appliances to get those unwieldy cords off the counter and out of sight!
Image courtesy of The DIY Playbook
These Command decorating clips are perfect for hiding cords along walls and desks.
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