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Maple Walnut Cake With Buttercream Frosting

Oh you guyyyyys. This cake. THIS. CAKE. You may have seen maple walnut ice cream, maple walnut cookies, or maple walnut… walnuts. But have you ever seen a maple walnut cake? 

OK for those of you who are saying you have, you’re just too cultured for the rest of us. This maple walnut cake, for me, was a first. I flavored the cake with real maple syrup and walnut puree, which together made this cake SO moist OMG. We kept this cake in the fridge after I made it, which is like a cake’s worst nightmare because it can become dry and cold and sad, but even so this cake stayed soft and moist for days.

I just love wintery layer cakes. There’s something so fun about them. Maybe it’s because you get those warmer flavors amidst a fairly sweet cake. Maybe it’s because #winterdiet is a real thing and I just really crave cakes in the winter. Or maybe it’s just because wintery layer cakes are really delicious.

I also really love using nut meal, or pureed nuts, in cakes. They help not only with moistness, but also with flavor and texture. I’ve done a few cakes with almond meal so far, but creating my own walnut meal was awesome. Walnuts are soft and high in fat, so they easily blend into a meal and really elevate the cake.

Also obviously I used my go-to flour, Bob’s Red Mill Unbleached All-Purpose White Flour. It’s really the ultimate all-purpose flour: it makes for the softest breads, chewiest cookies, and moist scrumptious cakes.


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