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Make A Headboard Using An Old Window

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Large old window with all glass panes intact. Or, substitute tempered glass or acrylic.



FUSION MINERAL PAINT – Coal Black & Picket Fence



MUDDARITAVILLE STENCIL – T0003 Chloe Glass Tile Stencil



Stencil brushes, paper towels, rags, glass cleaner, painters tape, scrap clean paper, ruler, pencil, blade, metal ruler, putty knife, DAP 33 Window Glazing (if required), drill, 3″ screws






Clean the window well.



If you need to reglaze, scrape off all of the loose glazing. Use a window glazing product like DAP 33 and follow the directions on the container.

With a putty knife spread the product across the glass and window pane. Remove the excess and let cure as long as it takes. Ours needed about 10 days.

Tape off the panes on both sides and paint with Coal Black Fusion Mineral Paint. Let dry.


Measure the size of the window panes. Find the center of the stencil in both directions, and pencil in the dimensions of the panes.

Carefully cut out on a cutting surface using a sharp knife and metal ruler.




Lay the stencil inside a pane. There is no need to tape.

With one hand, hold the stencil in place. Dip just the tips of the stencil brush into the Picket Fence color paint. Off load the excess paint onto paper towels or a paper plate. Gently tap the loaded brush onto the pattern.

I decided not to use the tiny partial design around the edges. I held a piece of printer paper up against the sides of the surface while I stenciled to avoid having to tape or touch up. I expected to do two coats of paint, but discovered one was enough.




To install, we used 3″ screws on the four edges and one a the center top. You may need to check to see where your studs are first and attach the screws there.




This is a fave spot for our three kitties to snooze. I’m sure they will approve of the new look.

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We live in North Carolina where we do not have earthquake codes like in California and other places. You can use tempered glass or acrylic if you are concerned about using regular glass like in an old window.