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Light as a Feather Chive Dumplings-Annette’s

These little morsels of doughy goodness are light and feathery and will just disappear in your mouth like a cloud. My grandma had a couple different ways of making dumplings. These were the ones we made when we just wanted them plain, cooked in chicken broth or if we wanted some made with cheese sauce. You can leave the chives out, but they really do give them that little something extra. Recipe is my own taught to me by my grandma.
– Would these work placing them on top of the chicken in the boiling soup? I have made dumplings for years and plopped dollops of the dough on top of the chicken in the pot. When they fall off into the broth, they will get tough. Wonder, since you place these directly in the broth, if they would work the way I do it. I like my dumplings on the dry side so when I add the gravy, they absorb it. Sounds like a wonderful recipe. Going to save it.

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