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Life Is Like A Bowl Of Cherry Cobbler!

I come from a very small town. I mean the type of small town where everyone knows everybody! It’s a wonderful little community. One thing that I always appreciated were the small community gatherings and festivals that would go on every year. My favorite ones were the ones that occurred in the summertime. Who doesn’t love a small town festival!?

My favorite festival was the cherry festival. This festival would bring out all of the wonderful cherry dishes that you can think of. I am not joking when I say that I have tried everything with cherries in it. From savory to sweet, I have tasted it all that this festival! Everything from cherry pie to cherry pork chops! Yes cherry pork chops!! I was stuffed silly by the time the day was over!

My favorite event was the cherry dessert bake off that would happen in the pavilion near the park. Everyone would make their cherry dish that they were so proud of. Everyone would get a taste! My favorite cherry dessert that I tried was this scrumptious cherry cobbler recipe. Simple and straight to the point. This is a classic cherry cobbler recipe that never goes out of style!

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