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Mexican Cornbread

– Enjoyed the recipe! I’ve made it twice already and each time it was fabulous. For me, I didn’t have a problem with the amount of butter so I’ll stick to what the recipe states. Second time, I forgot to restock my pantry with cream of corn, so had to improvise with: one can of sweet corn, 1/4 cup milk and a 1/8 sugar. If I do run into that problem again, I’ll just omit the extra sugar as it was too sweet that time.
– Hi there. Made this to serve alongside Albondigas (Belen). I’m not really sure what all the rave is about (?). This is NOTHING at all like true Mexican cornbread. This is basically plain ‘ol moist / sweet cornbread with a few “extras” (and I even livened mine up by using a mix of cheddar-pepperjack cheese). I like my stand-by recipe MUCH better (by far). If I want basic cornbread, I’ll stick with golden sweet cornbread (bluegirl) – it’s the best I’ve made so far. If I want cornbread with a kick, I’ll stick with my go-to Mexican cornbread recipe. It’s spicier, uses WAAAY less butter (and is just as moist) and cheaper to prepare. My last gripe??? This took more than an hour to cook thru…. Parts of my cornbread tested underdone at the hour mark, but another 10 minutes seemed to do the trick. My only positive comment is that this is SUPER moist and not at all greasy (surprise!), despite the two sticks of butter called for. On the flipside, I’m not sure all that butter is necessary…. Thanks anyways, Judy.

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