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Jalapeno Cheese Spread

This is very good served with soft small bread slices.
-Mini crock-pot dips are excellent! Folks who do not have one of the minis have to treat themselves to one immediately! This dip looks like a great combo, I have used mozzarella in crock-pot dips before and they turn out delicious! Folks should not be skeptical and just try this before they complain — I mean even if you’ve never made a crockpot dip before, this dish has a blue ribbon, come-on now…
-I use Greek yogurt in place of mayo or sour cream alot in dips and other recipes…so I think it would be good in this one too.

Curt, there are plenty of healthy dip recipes in Just A Pinch. If that’s what you are looking for, keep searching and you will find them. Meantime, try posting some of your own recipes since you only make fresh ingredient recipes, I’m sure someone may pinch them. But being rude will not gain you many friends in this recipe club. If you don’t like a recipe, just move on to another. It’s always the ones who don’t post recipes that are the most critical of others who do.
-Karla!! I dont know you as good as I would like too and we have a lot of the same friends…I have been away from JAP for awhile now ..I was looking and reading this recipe and all your recipes and You are Very Deserving Blue Ribbons and Deserve Many Compliments and Many 5 Star Ratings …This Recipe and Your other Recipes Shows how Very Talented, Creative in Cooking and Baking and also I can see from your writings what a Very Sweet Lady and Supportive Friend You Are!! Like you, our friends and I wholeheartedly agree to Receive a Blue Ribbon from Just A Pinch is one of the Highest Honors and Compliments from a staff of very qualified professionals and wonderful caring people.
Please do not take to heart the negative comments this person wrote…there is constructive comments from people and from a few there is cruel and bitter. This person is a hurting bitter soul that needs prayers…I feel so sorry for this person and that this person get enjoyment writing comments to hurt sweet talented people like you and Just a Pinch..
I grew up being brutally bullied as a little girl and my early teen years very badly bullied by a large group of girls that would constantly criticize, laugh and make fun of me..Please dont let this bully get you down..You are so Talented and have such a Loving Heart

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