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Coconut Raspberry Poke Cake

I don’t think I’ve ever had raspberry and coconut in the same dessert, but now that I’ve tasted this Coconut Raspberry Poke Cake, I can safely say this combo ranks among my top 5 favorites!

If you’re unfamiliar with poke cakes, they are basically a regular cake with holes poked on top (hence the name) and some sort of filling poured over. In this case, we’re using white cake, raspberry Jello, and raspberry preserves. Top it all of with a layer of whipped cream and coconut flakes, and you have one delicious summer dessert on your hands!

This recipe is made super simple by using a box cake mix. You can, of course, make the cake from scratch if you have the time and energy, but I’m all about quick and easy when it comes to making desserts! With just 6 ingredients and 5 steps, this poke cake certainly qualifies as both of those.

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