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Instant Pot Cowboy Beans

There are baked beans, and then there are beans that really take things to the next level. Take our Instant Pot Cowboy Beans, for instance. With three different kinds of meat and a sauce that’s simultaneously tangy and savory and sweet, they’re walking a fine line of being packed with too much flavor. (If that’s even a thing.) They’re jam-packed and ridiculously hearty, and with a little help from the Instant Pot, they’re super easy to make too.

Since the Instant Pot has that nice sauté function built right in, you can make these in just one pot. You start by browning up some ground beef with onions and bacon, before adding some garlic and sliced Kielbasa. (Did I mention these were meaty? They’re very meaty.)

Rather than starting with dried beans, these use a little helping hand from canned baked beans and kidney beans. All that means is that everything gets to the table faster and there’s some extra flavor built right in with the pre-made baked beans. Your job is to build on that base layer of flavor and take it to new heights.

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