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This spicy Hunan chicken recipe is packed with bold flavors, tender chicken, and fresh vegetables that can easily rival any takeout version. Follow our simple steps to create a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home.

Are you craving your favorite takeout dish? Try this delicious and easy homemade Hunan chicken recipe. It’s sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more! This dish is hearty and healthy, with fresh vegetables like onion, celery, broccoli, red bell pepper, and carrots. Even with prep time, this dish takes less than forty minutes to prepare. If you like this recipe, try pepper steak, chicken yakisoba, chicken lo mein, and pork stir fry.


Hunan chicken uses chili paste or dried chili pepper so it is a spicy dish originating from the Hunan province of China. Of course, the amount of spice used can be controlled when cooking it yourself. I have found that 2 teaspoons of chili paste (sambal oelek) is just right for us. For those of you with a mild palate, 1-1 1/2 teaspoons would be better, and for those of you who love the heat, a full tablespoon might be in order.

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