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Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

I’m taking the classic party cake and turning it into a delicious cookie recipe! Texas Sheet Cake Cookies are fudgy chocolate cookies topped with the classic poured chocolate icing. This chocolate frosted dessert will easily become a new party favorite!

Sheet Cake Chocolate Cookie Dessert Recipe

Look what I did! Look what I did!

Ok, easy now. Settle down, me. But y’all now…I made the funnest cookie to ever live. I mean, they are as fun as a cookie can be without sprinkles.

We love us some Texas Sheet Cake. It’s just the most basic of all chocolate cakes, but it is a classic. I have a similar cake here on my site, but my Gramma called it Sunday Chocolate Cake. It’s a bit thicker, not being a sheet cake, but it’s a close second.

Anywayyyyy, these cookies are a worked out version of the cake.

They are a dense chocolate cookie with a poured frosting all up on it. I think I would like to pour chocolate icing all over my life. OK..Texas Sheet Cake Cookies…here we go!

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