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How to Use Cream of Tartar in Your Cleaning

If we asked you how you use cream of tartar on a daily basis, you probably wouldn’t have a great answer for us. In fact, some of you might not even know how you’d utilize this baking staple at all. Truth be told, this is an under-utilized ingredient, one that is probably shoved in the back of your pantry, if you have it at all.
Well, we might not be able to tell you how to cook with your cream of tartar, but we can tell you how to clean with it. That’s right, this baking essential isn’t just good for your fluffiest meringues, it’s also a secret weapon you an use around the house.
The TODAY Show has shared three everyday items that can get dingy, moldy, or stained. All three of these items can be easily restored to their former glory using humble cream of tartar.
The items in question might surprise you.
1. Clothing Stains

Rubbing cream of tartar on your clothing stains probably feels about as natural as rubbing a big glob of mayo onto your favorite work shirt. But, we assure, you, cream of tartar has whitening and stain-removing properties that will rid your clothes of stains and make them look good as new.
All you have to do is first dampen the clothing stain with water. Then, sprinkle some cream of tartar over the stain and rub it in. Throw the clothing item into the washing machine and go through your rinse and dry cycle as per usual.
When the clothing comes out, you’ll see the stain has magically disappeared.
2. Moldy Grout

Few things can get as nasty as grout, whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen. That sparkling white grout can be quickly transformed into black, molded lines that make your bathroom stink AND look extremely unpleasant. Cream of tartar is on the case!
Mix cream of tartar with some white vinegar. Spray or spread the mixture onto any grout that’s looking moldy and let it sit for ten minutes. After this time has passed, wipe the moisture away with a rag and you’ll find nothing but clean grout underneath.
3. Stained Mug

It’s always sad to see your favorite coffee mug accumulate nasty brown stains at the bottom. Just like your clothing stain, cream of tartar is an easy fix to get your mug sparkling clean.

Drop some cream of tartar and a few drops of water into the bottom of the mug. Let it sit for a few minutes to really get at the stain. After a few, rinse and scrub out your mug as per usual. It should look as good as new once it’s been dried!

So stop underestimating your cream of tartar and put it to good use! Who knows when you’ll need to use it next, after all.
What do you think of these uses for cream of tartar? Do you use this baking staple to clean in your house? Feel free to share any creative ways you use this cream in the comments section below.