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How To Repurpose White Twin Sheets

how to reuse white twin sheets


First, grab a dollar store hanging planter, a sheet, & some LED lights to make this awesome canopy! Simply screw a hook into the ceiling to hang the planter & tuck the sheet & LED lights into it.

First, screw the hook into the ceiling where you want your canopy placed. Next, add the hanging planter & tuck the short end of your sheet into the planter. Next, add some LED lights!

**Please note that you only want to use LED lights because they won’t heat up & case a hazard!

how to reuse white twin sheets

This canopy adds such a cozy touch to my room!

how to reuse white twin sheets


First, grab your sheet & wash it. I washed mine with 2 Tablespoons of Vinegar, hot water & dish soap. (You can also use soda ash, but I had the other ingredients on hand!) This will allow the fabric to release fabric softeners & prepare to dye. You will want to mix your sheets around in the mixture to distribute it. Then let sit for at least 5-10 minutes. After it has set, rinse the fabric out with water.

Next, grab a bin & place a cooling rack on top. After rinsing & squeezing out the water, fold & place the sheet on top of the cooling rack. Add ice to the top of the sheet & begin distributing the dye. I used liquid dye, but powder dye also works!

Let the dye sit & the ice melt (you can also melt the ice with a hair dryer).

***Please note that different fabrics takes dyes differently. As you can see mine did not turn navy blue. But sometimes the unexpected can be just as good! 

Finally, dry your fabric & hang on the wall with push pins. The big blank wall behind our couch is no more! 

This would also be a great picnic blanket or tablecloth!

how to reuse white twin sheets


First, grab your sheets & clamp on some Curtain Clip Rings to the top of the sheet. Next, added them to a tension rod & there you have some long cheap curtains!

These would also be great as a room divider if you hung a long tension rod or used hooks & rope to stretch across the room.

& taa-daa!   Here you have some cheap long curtains!