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How to Make Homemade Lemon Vinegar for Cleaning

Homemade lemon vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner. Adding citrus peels cuts the harsh smell of vinegar replacing it with a fresher scent.

Homemade lemon vinegar in spray bottle

I use a fair amount of lemons when cooking and entertaining. I hate to see the peels or the fruit themselves go to waste so I try to use them in different ways.

In my mind, there’s nothing like the scent of fresh lemons or any citrus for that matter.

So today I’m sharing a super simple way to use leftover citrus by making your own homemade lemon vinegar.

Mason jar with lemon and lime rinds and white vinegar

Simply place the peels, (no fruit) into a large mason jar, or any large clean jar, and cover with white vinegar.

I love lemon and lime peels but you could easily use peels from clementines and oranges which you are probably already eating during the winter. Don’t throw them out. Instead, collect them and add them to a jar. Then pour white vinegar over top.

After about a week or so you can pour the scented vinegar into a spray bottle.

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