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Fail-Proof Egg Custard

I have always loved a good egg custard. Maybe because it reminds me of eggnog in solid form (anyone else think eggnog should be a year round thing, or is that just me?), or it could be the wave of nostalgia that washes over me with the first bite. Subtly sweet and oh-so silky, it’s the perfect treat.

Wherever it is that my love of custard stems from, there’s only been one real problem: I never have much luck making it myself. I’ve either undercooked or curdled more batches of custard than I care to admit. My mother and grandmother always made it look so easy, and on paper it is easy. I decided to put my failed attempts behind me, and I set out to find a fail-proof egg custard recipe. And that’s just what we have for you today!

Most custard recipes will have three main components: eggs, milk, and sugar. We add a bit of vanilla for flavor and salt to balance out the sweet, but those ingredients are a bit more open to modification. Nutmeg is the classic custard topping (really bringing in those beloved eggnog flavors), though cinnamon, or other warm spices can also be used. With ingredients this basic, a successful custard really comes down to perfecting the process for getting that silky, even texture. The preparation really is simple, there are just a few tips you should know. Let’s get into them…

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