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How To Make A Gorgeous Garden Gazing Ball With These Easy Tips

I had been wanting to make a garden gazing globe for a long time. There are so many wonderful examples on Pinterest and here on Hometalk. I am the kind of person that likes to figure out how to do things on my own by doing all kinds of research and through a lot of trial and error. After making a matching set of three garden gazing balls I am sharing with you my tips to keep it inexpensive, easy to do and end up with a gorgeous décor item for the garden.
how to make a gorgeous garden gazing ball with these easy tips
I love how the black base complements the blue turquoise glass gems!
Buy Used At The Thrift StoreIn the small town I live in we have a thrift store that only carries home building supplies. Builders and home renovators can drop off the surplus or gently used home items. The shop sells the donated items and after expenses all of the profits go back into the community to help qualifying residents with affordable housing. This venture also keeps a lot of stuff out of the landfill site and is filled with all kinds of treasures! This is where I found the globe lights and lights designed for chandelier hanging lights that I used as the base for the gazing ball. The pretty turquoise glass gems were purchased at the dollar store.

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