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How to Get a Restoration Hardware Finish

We both LOVE the Restoration Hardware style, but the price “YIKES” is out of our budget! We had been eyeing a bed at Restoration Hardware with that vintage coastal style and it was nearly $3000, but luckily we are DIY’ers and we have come up with a simple 3 step process to achieve their wood finish.

how to get a restoration hardware finish

Steph bought this bed after graduation from high school. She was anxious to spend all that $ she was making!  It was a solid pine bed with lots of rustic character which she loved at the time, however as her tastes changed, she married and got a more formal bedroom set. She hung onto this bed knowing that it was a good solid piece and maybe she would use it another time. Well that time is now!

Supplies we used:

  1. paint brush
  2. paint and varnish remover
  3. steel wool pads (medium grit)
  4. sandpaper
  5. old toothbrush
  6. paper towel
  7. vinegar
  8. white wax
  9. cotton rag (like an old t-shirt)

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