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How To Clean Oven Racks The Easy Way

I will admit it.

I have been dragging my feet on cleaning our oven racks. Have you ever made a whole chicken in your oven?

They taste amazing.  They look amazing.  They smell amazing.

But they leave your oven a mess!

I am a big fan of Barefoot Contessa and follow a lot of her recipes.  How in the world does she keep her oven so dang clean with all that greasy cooking!?

I’m sure she has the pros come back in and clean it for her when necessary.  Her oven racks are spotless! Let us in on your secret, Ina!

I came home the other day and out of nowhere really started tackling the mess of the oven.  And I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my oven was pretty diiiirrrty.  And by dirty, I mean greasy.  

The outside and stovetop were fine because I clean those parts pretty regularly.  But the inside had grease caked on in a lot of places.  Ugh.

In the past, it was easy for me to just shut the door on the grease and delay cleaning it. I knew deep down this was going to be a beast to clean.

The before = oven racks that need to be cleaned!

See my rack there?  (that sounded terrible by the way).  Ick!

Dirty Oven Racks

If you are reading this post, my guess is that your racks don’t look much different.

But here’s the truth.

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