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How To Build a Shelf Between Studs

I love the idea of making storage out of unused space, and one way to do this is to build a storage shelf between the studs in your wall.
I knew our pantry project was the perfect place for a shelf like this. We have built-in shelving on two walls, but there wasn’t enough space for shelving along the third wall. We need to be able to walk into our walk-in pantry, after all.
So my husband built a between-the-studs shelf!

You can see in the picture below exactly where the shelf is located:

If I were to do it over again, I’d move the light switch. Oh well.Before he put the drywall up, my husband nailed horizontal 2×4’s where the top and bottom of the shelf would be. Then he hung drywall, completely covering the inside and outside.
After the drywall was taped, textured and painted, we carefully cut a rectangle shape into the drywall. The cuts were made along the inner edge of the studs all the way around. You can find studs in your wall by using a stud finder and double, no triple checking your measurements. You also have to be careful to cut little by little… you don’t want to go sawing through wires! We knew exactly what was on our wall because we built it, but in most situations, you don’t. Proceed with caution!

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