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Homemade Alternatve to Chlorox Wipes

I filled the container about this full of my “wipes” which I LOVE that I can wash a reuse! That saves money and eliminates wastes!
I love the smell of tea tree oil so that was appeal, but did it clean well??? YES! Here is a before and after picture of where my very messy daughter sits to eat. 🙂


I really love these and think that they work well, but I had to put the to the “husband test”. He agree that they work well with one comment of thinking that it did not feel wet enough. I think that they are fine, but next time I may put less wipes next time. If you find that a wipe is too dry you can wet it with a very small amount of water. If you use too much water they get too soapy.

I normally will do a cost comparison here, however since the wipes are washable and reusable, there is just no comparison, it is obvious that this will save tons!

Since I decided that these are for sure something I will repeat, I wrote the recipe on the container. Happy cleaning  all of you money and Earth saving DIY friends! 😉