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Grandma’s Cabbage Burgers!

I love when my Mom and Grandma would make these. It was always a special treat. I make this an all day event when i make them due to the fact i make 5 dozen and freeze them… which turns out to be a waste of time with the kids running to the freezer every day saying “dont worry bout me for supper mom im just gonna grab a cabbage burger” Here in Nebraska we have a fast food place called Runza and when i explain to my friends what a Cabbage Burger is they say “oh you mean a Runza?” and the debate starts they are 2 totally different things and not anywhere close to the same!!
-I have family in Nebraska and I spent time there and Colorado. We called them Runza’s as well. Although, as the recipe writer mentions, there is a difference. This meat is fried. The one I am used too, we boiled the cabbage, onion and meat. We did add the extra pepper and I have added cheese. Making these as desserts might be very tasty. I may try both ways and see the difference. Thanks for this post!
-Never thought to combine these basics in this way. I would change this in so many ways – NO game, ONE pound of ground beef, and ONE loaf of frozen bread dough. Love cabbage, but I might make it a bag of chopped cabbage (coleslaw) instead.
-My dad is German and my grandmother made these for her family all the time, She did not speak English but my mother finally leaned how to make these from her. She made them the same way except she told her to use a lot of black pepper in the filling. When my grandmother*s mother made them in Germany, she used Elk and Venison. I have made them many times using Rhodes frozen Texas size rolls for the bread dough. A. lot easier that way
-I made the smaller amount:12, and they really looked good. But for us a bit bland. I believe a dash of cayenne would be good next time. Did anyone have trouble with them falling apart like we did? There is no binder so they are rather messy either eating by hand or using a knife and fork. I used your bread recipe and it was very good and made 12 nice squares.

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