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Garlicky, Spicy, Shrimpy Goodness In This Wonderful Recipe

My Mom and Dad were getting ready to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. I wanted to plan a big party with all of their friends and family, a catered meal, and a hall to take care of all of us. My parents, being the quiet and reserved couple that they are, didn’t want to do that. They didn’t want something loud that would draw attention to them. I told them that they had to do something to express their big accomplishment and love for one another. It’s not many couples that make it that far these days. They said just a small dinner at home with the kids and grandkids would be enough.

They also wanted something homemade, not a big fancy dinner. When I came across this recipe on Group Recipes, I knew it was going to be perfect for the occasion. I took on the role of making the dinner, because I love to cook. It was surprisingly easy to make, and it tasted so great. Everyone really enjoyed it.

There were a few leftovers remaining and my parents said they finished them up the following day. and they were just as good. I was so happy to be able to provide them such a wonderful meal for their special day.
This can be a little bit spicy for the kids, so you might want to reduce the amount of hot sauce if you have little ones to feed. It’s a great way to introduce shrimp and other flavors though if you have children that are willing to try something new. My kids are teenagers and they really enjoy this. So much so in fact, they will often times request this over going out to eat. I don’t have any problems with that at all. Paired with a nice salad and garlic bread, it feels like we’re at the restaurant anyway!

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