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Lancashire Hotpot

We love slow-cooked comfort foods in this house. There’s nothing better than the smell coming from the kitchen when we make Lancashire hotpot on a chilly Sunday night. Meat and potatoes is a classic combination, beloved for it’s rustic charm but also for it’s comforting heartiness. We found a classic British version of meat and potatoes called Lancashire Hotpot. This dish has everything that we crave- hearty potatoes with a crispy top, stewed beef in a creamy gravy, and lots of onions and carrots.

Lancashire hotpot is basically a thick stew with a potato crust. It’s a crowd pleaser and belly warmer. This recipe uses cubed stew meat, but the original British recipe calls for lamb meat. We love the slightly crisp but still soft potatoes on top, and they layering effect makes the whole dish look rustic, but with a little bit of elegance. We serve this for dinner parties, or Sunday family dinners; it’s the kind of meal that almost demands sitting down and taking it slow, enjoying good company and definitely good food. Try out our Lancashire hotpot for a rich and comforting meal!

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