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Fresh Whimsical Porch Trees

The simplicity of Scandinavian Decor is my favorite, and the holiday season is no exception. While searching for holiday porch decor ideas I was inspired by some trees made from fresh evergreens and decided to attempt my own.

fresh whimsical porch trees



For the base, I started off with this. Literally nothing fancy at all, a stick inside a block of concrete. I had used these as string light poles on my daughter’s playhouse, so I upcycled one for this project.


We have an abundance of fresh pine in our backyard so I gathered fresh clippings. I bundled them in groups of about 5-6 branches and wrapped them tightly with floral wire.

PRO TIP: If you don’t have access to fresh evergreens, ask a local big box store or tree farm if you can purchase or have their clippings.

Then I took the individual bundles and wrapped them around the top of the branch so that they fell in a downward sweeping display.

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