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Easy Christmas Yard Decor

Snowball Walkway –


I grabbed plastic bowls from the dollar store. I sprayed the inside with Rustoleum frosted glass spray paint.

I hot glued 2 bowls together.

I placed a waterproof battery operated LED light on the ground and place the “snowballs” in this shape over the light. I love how they light up and glow.

Silver Bells –


I bought 4 silver plastic ice buckets from the dollar store. I hot glued a red ribbon in the bottom of the bowl, and then hot glued a red bulb to the other end of the bulb.

I hot glued some red ribbon on the top so that I could hang the silver bells outside on a hook.

Present Door –


I cut a vinyl table cloth so that I would be using the decorative pattern.

I used painters tape and taped one strip vertical and one strip horizontal on my door.

I added a bow to finish it off.

Solar Lampshade Christmas Tree –


I recently renovated my ceiling fan. I had replaced the lampshades and these were the original ones. I stacked them and added a solar light to the top to create a Christmas Tree.

You could E6000 them together if you like.

Luminary Recycled Jars –


I bought waterproof color changing LED lights with plastic ice crystals at the dollar store. I placed them inside a recycled jar and set them on my railing.


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