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Earl Grey Tea Cake

I love Earl Grey tea and this is just delicious. Just a little bit different and the taste is surprising!!
-I made this for XMas. As a present to my husband who loves Earl Gray. Didn’t know what kind of cake it was, just liked idea of the tea. I re-read the recipe a few times, did research online to find out, “okay, I’m making a dense cake.” So after revealing the gift to him, I also warned and informed him & my son of of my findings, since we’re not used to these kinds of cakes. I did follow the advice & comments of others who said that the glaze was too sweet and/or too much and halved it, glad I did. The tea flavor is there, esp in the glaze and is a decent cake. Hubby likes it 😀 I like it, too. Son is on the fence. Because I prefer to make bundt cakes over all others, is the form I chose, it only took 1 hr in our electric oven.
-I made this today. It was so easy, and so delicious. It had an amazing flavor. My family loved it. I will add maybe half the glaze next time as my 6 year old thought it was too sweet. Everyone else loved it. It tastes like something from a fancy bakery. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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