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Dutch Baby Bake

I still remember the first time I heard someone mention having a Dutch Baby for brunch. I’d never heard of the dish and was pretty confused. Since learning to make them myself I’ve received many perplexed looks when I announce what’s for breakfast. If you fall into that category of confusion let me explain just what this dish is.

Also called a German pancake, Dutch Puff, or Hootenanny, this dish is more or less a combination of a crepe and a popover. It’s baked rather than cooked in a skillet and the batter is thin and eggy, without any leavening ingredient such as baking powder. They’re often baked in cast iron skillets, but any oven-safe pan will do. For this recipe we went with a full 9×13 inch dish for one very large and crowd-pleasing cake. Watching the batter puff up in the oven feels a bit like a science experiment. Don’t be too disappointed when it deflates a bit once taken out of the oven, that’s normal as the air inside cools off.

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