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Do You Love Onions? This French Casserole Is For You!

What makes a great dinner recipe? Well, according to my husband, most importantly: it needs to have some sort of protein. But to him, that does not include eggs, or beans. It needs to be more than that. In his book of dinners, it includes chicken, turkey, pork chops, beef chunks, even ground beef (although he finds ground beef disappears in his food and then does not like it so much. He likes to taste those chunks of beef when he is eating.

Well, the list after that is funny. He loves food that has some sort of carb on the bottom of a casserole dish (say rice or mashed potatoes), then has the meat, then has loads of cheese and a crispy topping of some sort. Well, I told him that is a pretty tough bill to fit, but I would do my best to find something.

I searched for quite a while and still came up empty handed. I mean, those were some specific requests! Well, after a long search, we ended up finding this amazing recipe. It is everything on his list! French Onion Chicken Casserole. I mean, just the name of this makes it sound amazing!

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