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DIY Rotating Canned Food System

We decided a couple of years back to put together and maintain an emergency reserve of foods and other necessities. We don’t expect the apocalypse but between bushfire threats followed by two very serious flood events, we felt it was a logical move. Then came the question of what to store and how many days should we prepare for. We ended up deciding on a month as the maximum conceivable risk and that dried and canned foods were the obvious choices. Then came the realization that that’s quite a bit of food to store.

For the first two years, we then did a manual “condition and use by date’ check. That meant unpacking everything 🙁

Here’s a much better alternative – regardless of whether they are emergency supplies or just the result of bulk buying. It’s a system that ticks all the right boxes. It’s very accessible. It’s easy to do a visual condition check. It takes up minimal space because it’s vertical. And it automatically rotates items because new goes in the top and the oldest items are taken from the bottom. In other words, it’s an automatic stock rotation system.

Building this rotating canned food system is a great way to utilize maximum food storage capacity in a very limited space. This vertical storage gives you a view of what items are available and what needs to be replenished. It also provides you with easy access to the items you want right on the bottom end of the storage.

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