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DIY Pantry Can Organizer

Look, I get it. We have kids too. Typically things are in complete disarray, but isn’t it kind of nice to be able to have some areas of your home that are semi-organized?

Take your pantry or food storage for example. There’s something about opening up a pantry that is staring back at you organized and you’re like … Oh. Oh yes. Praise him high and low. Don’t feel bad, we all gotta start somewhere! Like here:

diy pantry can organizer

Eek! Okay, don’t judge me. I love food. But I couldn’t stand the thought of this any more. It just hurt my soul.


We decided to try to makeover this entire pantry for under $100, which sounds like a lot of money, but we wanted to rip out those wire shelves, put in wood shelves, and do some skinnylap in the back. (That’s like shiplap, but skinny, FIY. Technically it’s more like schmediumlap truth be told.)

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