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DIY Kitchen Drawer Dividers

I wanted to add dividers to my kitchen drawers, to help control the chaos! And also to help curb the colourful language that mealtime can sometimes elicit from me. I wouldn’t say I’m savvy in the kitchen, but I know enough that when things start to cook (burn), finding the utensil I need is time sensitive!

I saw a few tutorials online, where they built inserts using ¾” or 1” wood, and simply dropped them into the drawer. And while they seemed easy enough to duplicate and looked really great, I couldn’t help but think that all that thick wood was using up a lot of valuable space in the drawers. So I decided to try something a little different.

My first step was to lay all the drawer contents out on the countertop, into groups. Once I had a clear view of what I had, I purged many items. Seriously, four soup ladles, who was I trying to kid?

how to organize kitchen drawers
So much stuff

After purging, I laid what was left back in the drawers, to get a rough idea of how I should set up my dividers.

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