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DIY Cane Cabinet


  • Measure and mark your boxed wood frame and cut out your door fronts using a jigsaw.
  • Measure and cut your 1 x2 to add on top of your frame
  • Get your cane ready, by submerging it in water for about 20 minutes.
  • Remove your cane from water and place it on clean flat surface, i used a clean sheet then placed heavy flat items on top, i used a table
  • Place your canning on a flat surface, measure your door front opening and mark the cane
  • Using a sharp scissors cut the required amount required to cover the front of each door.
  • Place the cane on top of your framing, making sure everything is aligned and staple down with a staple gun

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  • Apply wood glue along the perimeter of your cane for your framing.
  • Add Alexandria Moulding 3/16-inch x 7/16-inch x 4 ft. Basswood Decorative Moulding around your door front for framing
  • Install your door knobs and you are all done.