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Decorate Your Mailbox for Christmas!

I like to decorate outdoors for Christmas, and for me that begins at the curb with my mailbox. Next it will be up the railings and stairway and then my front porch. This year I will decorate it all in red and gold!
decorate your mailbox for christmas
I began with a 4.8″ block of styrofoam and cut a corner out of it with an Exacto knife.
The mechanics of this are important so that you can attach your final decoration firmly to your mailbox.  I used 24 weight floral wire and 4 buttons to secure the wires to my foam.  Bend the wire in half and thread it through your button.

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Push the wire down through your foam and on the back of your foam you will feed the two wires through another button, twist them tightly and then use the remaining length of wire into a circle.  You will use those two circles to attach wire or zip ties to secure this to your mailbox.
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