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Italian Easter Pie

If you’re a fan of quiches or stratas or egg bakes, then you’re going to go nuts for this savory pie we whipped up. This Easter pie is an Italian classic, typically served for Easter, as the name would suggest, and is a hearty, cheesy, meaty, dense dish that is sure to please everyone at your table (- except maybe the vegetarians). With four different types of meats and four different cheeses and six eggs to glue the whole thing together, this is a doozy of a (delicious) meal that is absolutely fit for a holiday feast.

What meats and cheeses are in there, you ask? Well we went full-Italian here and went with not one, not two, but three different types of dry salami, along with prosciutto to really make things festive. Then we also included ricotta, fresh mozzarella, plenty of parmesan, plus fresh cheese (queso fresco) and mixed it all together with the eggs to make this beaut of dish.

Once you’ve got the filling, you get your pie dough ready – it can be homemade or store-bought – and take one pie sheet and place it inside your springform pan. The prosciutto comes into the mix as you make a layer of it on top of the pie dough, then in goes the filling. Top it all off with another layer of prosciutto and then place the second pie dough sheet on top. Because this pie is so chunky, it needs a while to cook, so be patient as you watch it turn to golden brown perfection. Seriously, we’re in love with this pie and so excited to serve it for Easter!

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