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Creamy Spinach And Potato Bake

There are some things in life that have a way of cheering you right up and, at least for us, a few bites of a perfectly cooked potato is among them. This delightful bake has that and so many other things about it that are easy to fall in love with: cream, just the right amount of cheese, and a subtle herb and garlic aroma running throughout. Some of the ingredients here are certainly rich, but it doesn’t taste heavy at all. This dish takes its inspiration from a classic potato gratin, but we love adding a bit of spinach to it; it helps lighten it up a bit and adds that unique flavor that only spinach can. It’s still comfort food, but it’s comfort food that would make Popeye proud!


All the ingredients here come together beautifully, but our favorite part might be the delicately flavored cream. By boiling the herbs and garlic in the cream ever so briefly, it just infuses the liquid with their essence and gives the whole dish an understated touch of those flavors rather than a sharp bite of rosemary or garlic. For this recipe, it’s always a good plan to use a waxy potato like a Yukon gold. While we love a good ol’ russet potato for so many other applications, they are more floury and tend to fall apart when baked in a dish such as this. You’ll love this lovely potato bake. It’s hearty but not heavy, and the flavors are classic and absolutely scrumptious!


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