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Mini Meatloaf Muffin Pan

What’s Hidden In This Meatloaf Is No Secret But HOW We Made It Will Blow Your Mind

Everyone loves meatloaf at our house and over the years I’ve tried an impressive number of recipes for it. Stuffed, with sauce, taco meatloaf, mini loaves – you name it, we’ve had it! I think if we had to have a vote, the stuffed meatloaf would be the winner. Which is no surprise – who doesn’t enjoy meatloaf with all kinds of goodness hidden inside?

However, there’s one thing that has bothered me a little, when making meatloaf. Somehow I always end up with a really messy oven, which means a massive cleanup operation for me. I think I’d rather have someone sticking toothpicks under my fingernails, than clean the oven! It’s one of those tasks I really hate.

Fortunately my friend told me about this awesome recipe from Everyday Good Thinking – I had never even thought of making meatloaf in the crock pot! Silly me! It was one of those light bulb moments that make you feel bright and extremely stupid at the same time. Anyway, I’m just happy that I do have the recipe now, and this has become a staple in our dinner rotation!

For those of you who’d like some bacon on top of your meatloaf, as well, in addition to having it inside the meatloaf – the recipe includes instructions for that.

I usually don’t add the bacon slices; I just cook this a little while longer in the crock pot and bring it out a few minutes before it’s time to serve dinner. If you’re not a fan of Velveeta, you can use your favorite cheese instead. Those French fried onions make a great, crunchy topping if you’re into that kind of thing, but this tastes awesome even without it!

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