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Magic Lemon Pie

I ate this pie a lot while I was growing up in Georgia, and I never knew who had the recipe. Turns out my mama had it all along! Edward’s Pies makes a really good frozen lemon meringue pie, but I can’t find it out here in Oklahoma. Edward’s products date back to the 1950s, and if you ever have one, be sure to check the box for a Bible verse. They’re known for that, and I guess that makes me like them even more, because I always include a Bible verse on my CDs.

I made this homemade version of the pie for the first time recently. When I realized that I could actually make this myself and enjoy it whenever I wanted, I was thrilled. Garth isn’t a big fan of meringue, so sometimes I double the filling for this pie and leave off the meringue. That’s double the magic! Thanks for the inspiration, Edward’s.

Created in the early 1900s, this pie was touted as “magic.” Adding lemon juice to Eagle Brand creates a rich, creamy filling, without cooking, that is easy to make, delicious every time and never fails, even for first-time bakers.


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