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Corn Dog Casserole

For a lot of us, childhood was filled with lunches of franks and beans. And sometimes luck would be on your side and you’d get to have corn dogs bought at the county fair. Now there is a convenient casserole that combines the best of these two treats into one yummy dish. Skeptics to the front of the line because this casserole will win over anyone who tries it.

Casseroles remain family classics because they are so simple to put together. Serve this one with a side salad or your crew’s favorite vegetable dish and you’ve got a meal all ready to go.

This corn dog casserole is so easy, too. You start by cooking the casserole filling ingredients, BBQ sauce, onion, baked beans, and cocktail weenies, on the stovetop before adding them to the casserole dish. You can also use your favorite hot dogs and simply cut them into small pieces if you don’t like cocktail wieners.

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