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Clean Your Toilet With Coke

Learn how to clean a toilet with Coke. This cleaning hack with leave your commode sparkling clean. If you have rust stains or lime scale that just won’t come off the toilet bowl or tank, then run to the kitchen and grab a can of Coke for this cheap and easy cleaning solution.

clean your toilet with coke

Depending on how hard or soft your water is and what kind of minerals are in the water supply you may be more likely to have stubborn rust or limescale stains that are difficult to scrub off.

Soda works to clean your toilet because three ingredients, citric, carbonic and phosphoric acids.

  1. First, flush out most of the water from the toilet. Either turn the knob on the side of the tank to turn off water flow and then flush the toilet or fill a large bucket with water and dump it quickly into the toilet. This will force the toilet to empty.
  2. Next, open a can of coke and pour it into the bowl. Try to get it under the rim and focus on any stubborn stains.

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