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Classic Cottage Pie

We really enjoy our “updated”€ version of cottage pie, a super hearty meat-and-potato dish that is the definition of comfort food. Cottage pie is a rustic dish that doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious. The ingredients are simple, but with a few herbs and twists on conventional ingredients, it’s easy to make something humble taste extra special. This is a Sunday, sit down, slow down dinner with family before a new, crazy week begins. We’ve tried a few short cuts and changes here and there to put our own spin on the usual recipe. We don’t let the changing seasons stop us from making a dish that we know the family loves!
We love adding cheese to the top of the pie for the final few minutes of baking; it adds a nice crust that offers flavor and texture. And since we pretty much know our mashed potato recipe by heart, it’s super easy to whip up a quick batch to go on top of the pie. A little bit of hands-on time goes a long way towards putting a meal on the table that is comforting and satisfying.

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